What We Do

Our Model is to empower families by connecting them to various community partners that administer needed resources in order to facilitate comprehensive care to those families in need. We specifically do this by working with various organizations in the local area such as:

The Foundation has established three initiatives that it believes addresses the current community needs. They are:

    • Funding for Food for Friday – We work with various organizations, as well as give direct support from the We Care, We Share Foundation, to ensure children in need have weekend food.
    • From Homeless to Home – Our Foundation will work directly with housing providers to fund move-in expenses required for families that are not able to so in order to break the cycle of homelessness.
    • Sponsoring the Be Kind Program – The Josh Stevens Foundation has produced the “Be Kind” recognition program. When students at “Be Kind” schools are “caught” being kind by the “Kindness Patrol”, they receive a silicone bracelet and a chance to win a Be Kind t-shirt. This bracelet, along with the t-shirt, reinforces the positive effects of kindness by teaching children it’s cool to be kind and that life is a boomerang; whatever they put out comes back to them which creates a ripple effect of positive behavior.

We Care, We Share has also supported a local school, Ruby Thomas Elementary, by taking part in their school-organized “Career on Wheels” Day. The Foundation participates by sponsoring an ice cream truck for the children. There are approximately 850 students involved and they all enjoy hearing about the prospect of owning an ice cream truck and being self-employed. The kids also enjoy the ice cream!

The Foundation also has funded the Community-Based Events for autistic students at Ruby Thomas. These events provide the students the opportunity to learn and generalize skills in the environments where they naturally occur. Many students have not been out into the community as their behavior has been too difficult for many parents to manage. Through this program, parents have reported that they are now able to take their child into stores, to movies, restaurants and other areas in which their typical peers attend.

We have also received additional support for school supplies from other non-profits such as Catholic Charities.

During the holidays, the Foundation supports the school by connecting with local companies, such as Hilton Grand Vacations, which gives its’ employees the opportunity to contribute turkeys and Thanksgiving dinner items to the neediest students’ families. The Foundation further connects these companies’ employees with the opportunity to supply the school with holiday gift cards to be given to these families in order to share the holiday spirit.

The Foundation also provides community service hours for local high school students to support the Foundation through their volunteer work at various events.

These are pictures from the Be Kind Program Rollout at Ruby Thomas Elementary and the classroom doors the students decorated for the Be Kind Week.

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