Who We Are

We Care, We Share Foundation was started by a group of caring, committed individuals who chose to personally touch the lives of others with programs they knew created greater depth, connection and abundance in the lives of others. They set out to create a proven model for this program with the support of specific community partners that would raise the whole community in measurable ways.

We Care, We Share believes that by using a dignity-based approach and providing tools of empowerment to families, we can impact their lives as well as the lives of the students. Our pilot school had a homeless rate of approximately 12% in 2010; that rate grew dramatically to 19% during 2011 and is currently hovering at 22%. We Care, We Share is working with other local non-profit organizations to end the cycle of homelessness. The Foundations’ empowerment of these families will ensure a connectedness with schools, thus ensuring a greater number of students will stay in school and have the opportunity to focus on their studies and further advance their education.

We Care, We Share Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charity.

Our mission: To bring people and organizations together to share hearts, time, money, and talents to provide resources to empower the homeless and families in need of our pilot school, Ruby Thomas Elementary, thereby supporting the students in their quest to graduate and become productive citizens.


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